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Torch Ambassador Project

Join the Torch Ambassador Project (TAP) – A dynamic peer-to-peer fundraising initiative encourages you to reach out to your community to gather donations for Torch’s upcoming camp activities. Inspired by popular initiatives like Relay For Life, participants will engage in various fundraising efforts, such as selling baked goods, hosting donation-based events, and more!

Make a meaningful impact beyond your church community while earning valuable rewards and experiences. Through these efforts, participants will build connections, develop leadership skills, and share the love of Jesus Christ with others. 

Become an Ambassador today and join us in this exciting venture to support our camp activities and achieve our goal $10,000.

Pursuit 2024 - Goal Update July 5


Mari Ann R.

$133/$100 Raised

Bjorn M.

$0/$100 Raised

Sandy A.

$0/$100 Raised

Katherine T.

$0/$100 Raised

Sarah M.

$0/$100 Raised

Jared B.

$0/$100 Raised

Sheridan C.

$0/$100 Raised

Keira G.

$0/$100 Raised

Daphne R.

$0/$100 Raised

Sasha G.

$0/$100 Raised

Jasmine A.

$0/$100 Raised

Gayle C.

$0/$100 Raised

Other Ways To Get Involved



Have a heart to serve and a desire to help young people grow in their faith? Join our team of camp volunteers dedicated to make a difference in the lives of young people. Fee: $30.00



Your prayers support our young people as they grow in faith and serve their communities. Join our email list of prayer warriors and intercede as prayer requests come through and camp draws near.


  • The Torch Ambassador Project is a peer-to-peer fundraising initiative designed to engage the youth and young adults of Torch Ministry in gathering donations for our upcoming camp activities. Participants will reach out to their communities, sell baked goods, host donation-based events, and more, to raise funds and support our ministry’s goals.