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It’s been three years since we got together as a church family in a family camp. As the pandemic subsides and we are once again, by God’s grace, able to gather together in larger numbers, our family camps are such an awesome way to spend some fun quality time with our family and our church community.

What benefits do we get during Family Camp?

Designed as a healthy retreat where we can reconnect with our church family friends, enjoy the outdoors, and engage in many fun camp activities, there are several take-aways when we join together in our Family Camp.

  1. Time to get away – At camp we get out of their normal routines and can get away from distractions and the busy-ness of life. Camp allows us to just have fun with our church family.
  2. Bible Time – we will have time together to discuss, hear, and study God’s word in a relaxed setting. Most of us come back from camp on a “spiritual high”, because we get to taste the greatness of God and His word as we spend devotions studying His word, hearing Bible lessons, and singing praises to our God.
  3. Nature – Spending time in God’s creation is another inspiring part of camp. There is nothing like being in the woods away from the sounds of the city, listening to the birds and the bugs in the trees, and breathing the fresh air.  Nature helps us all better appreciate our Creator!
  4. Re-develop relationships – our connections with each other have been quite limited during the pandemic and this is a wonderful time for us to reconnect and rebuild our relationships with each other.
  5. Leave our comfort zones – Sleeping in a bunk room and many other aspects of camp will push us out of our comfort zones and allow us to enjoy the simple but comfortable accommodations.
  6. The campfires – Everyone loves a good campfire, and who doesn’t love s’mores? At camp, the fires are extra special.  Whether they are filled with silly camp songs and lots of laughs or it’s a more serious night reflecting on God’s presence or someone’s powerful testimony, a campfire is always the best way to end the day at camp.

Let us all pray that, by God’s grace, our Family Camp, called “Fresh Start” will not be hindered by any new outbreak, that we will endeavor to get together, that the organizers will be blessed and equipped to make this happen and that we will most of all experience God’s presence.

“We should not stay away from our assembly, as is the custom of some, but encourage one another, and this all the more as you see the day drawing near.” – Hebrews 10:25

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the camp fees?
Age: 14 and above – $80.00
Age: 8 – 13 – $32.00
Age: 0 – 7 – Free
Send your payments to with a note of FC to indicate that it is for Family Camp.

If I stayed for one night, do I pay the same amount?
Yes, the Camp is heavily subsidized by the church already. The cost of a day in the camp is already exceeds the fee.

Are pets allowed?
No pets of any kind are allowed on the property as per Pearce Williams Campgrounds

Can we set up our own tents?
Yes Please coordinate with the special projects ministry regarding spots for the tents.

Do we get camp fee discount for staying inside a tent?
No, it’s the same cost per camper if you sleep on a tent or in the lodge.

Do we have provisions to accommodate those who want to join but have financial issues to shoulder fees? If so, how?
Yes, the Board priced this year’s camp fee very reasonable so that more people can afford it and join. If their financial situation is the only one hindering them to join, the church is willing to help. Please approach your Congregational pastors or your lifegroup leader on how to avail this.

Can someone visit me for a day? No

Can I sponsor a camper? Yes

Can I choose not to join some of the activities? Only those who have medical conditions are the exempted for some physical activities.

What is included in the camp fee?
Food and lodging. Transportation is excluded.

Is there a water baptism? Yes

Does the church provide transportation?
We encourage those to bring their own vehicles. For those who need transportation please reach out to the special projects ministry.

I have space in my car. How can I help with carpool?
Please reach out to the special projects ministry to coordinate.

I am minor (18yrs old and below). Can I go without my parents or guardian?
Yes, a consent form is needed upon registration.

Do we have medical professionals during the camp? Yes

Are there COVID protocols in place? Yes

Is the camp for WINOntario members only? No

How do we pay the fees?
Payment can be sent to our finance ministry via Interact eTransfer. Please send it to with code FC in the notes

Are there early birds special rates?
No, with the increased subsidy of the church. We have made the price of the camp as affordable as possible.

Can I cancel my registration?
Yes Deadline for cancellation is August 21, 2022